Wireless ICU-Quality Patient Monitoring Continuous “Beat-by-Beat” Blood Pressure, Hemodynamics, and Vital Signs

Secure Cloud or Tablet App for Realtime and Remote Monitoring

"Touch Free” wireless monitoring of COVID-19 patients
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Caretaker - What is It?

Caretaker, the world's most innovative patient monitor, using a simple finger cuff to measure Continuous Beat-by-Beat Blood Pressure (“CNIBP”), Heart Rate, and other physiological parameters provides safe, secure, and accurate patient monitoring via a secure Android App, HIPAA-compliant Cloud Portal, or interfaces with other patient monitoring systems.

What Can It Monitor?

Using our FDA Cleared finger-cuff and Pulse Decomposition Analysis technology, the Caretaker non-invasively and continuously measures:


A comfortable finger cuff measures Continuous, Non-Invasive, Beat-by-Beat Systolic, Diastolic, and Mean Arterial Pressure measured with each heartbeat including waveforms

Heart Rate

Heart rate measurement equivalent to traditional 3 wire ECG, providing visualisation of rhythm and pulse features.

Blood Oxygen Level

wireless pulse-oximetry fully integrated into the Caretaker App and Cloud

Respiration Rate

Wireless Respiratory Rate using our low-pressure finger cuff


wireless, reusable ECG Patch worn on the chest streams ECG waveforms to the Caretaker App and Cloud

Core Body Temperature

Wireless temp patch worn on the axilla streams body temp to the Caretaker App and Cloud


Optional wETCO2 monitor streams End-tidal Carbon Dioxide measurements wirelessly to the Caretaker App and Cloud

Early Warning Score

EWS is integrated into the early detection of the Caretaker device

Cardiac Output & Stroke Volume

CO and SV are measured from our low-pressure finger cuff using patented Pulse Decomposition Analysis algorithms

Other Parameters

Other hemodynamic parameters and data collection can be obtained through Bluetooth connected devices

Color Key

FDA Approved

Pending FDA Approval

Healthcare Benefits

Caretaker is a comprehensive vital sign monitoring platform designed to connect clinicians to their patients, whether the patient is in hospital mobile or at home. The Caretaker solution allows clinicians to continuously monitor all core vital signs with ICU-level accuracy, using a wearable and non-invasive package.

"A big win for patient comfort and clinician productivity..."

"Caretaker’s ability to stream continuous blood pressure and vital information using only a comfortable finger cuff means I will no longer have to disturb my patients to ‘spot check’ vital signs using bulky wires, leads, or arm cuffs or deal with Alarm Fatigue associated. This is a big win for patient comfort and clinician productivity, not to mention the value of having realtime streaming data to make better clinical decisions without the “alarm fatigue” associated with in-room monitors”
- Normand Dube, Trauma Nurse, RN, BSN, ACLS, PALS, BLS-I

"A real game changer..."

“Before Caretaker, most clinicians had to settle for intermittent ‘point-in-time’ Blood Pressure measurements using bulky arm cuffs, which can produce misleading results due to the influence of many factors such as movement, posture, anxiety, or caffeine. Caretaker’s ability to display a a series of Beat by Beat blood pressure measurements from a simple cuff is a real game changer, providing clinicians with more accurate data as they make treatment decisions."
- Dr. Jay Sanders, MD, Professor of Medicine (adjunct) at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and President Emeritus of the American Telemedicine Association.

"An amazing non-invasive device ..."

"I've tried the Caretaker and it is nothing short of amazing. To realize this level of vital signs with a noninvasive device is incredible. The Caretaker can take patient safety in a hospital setting to a whole new level. For emergency services in the field, it provides an opportunity for more effective and immediate intervention.
Caretaker should be standard of care everywhere!"
- Dr Joseph L Hutchison, MD
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