Month: April 2020

Australia’s first virtual hospital uses Caretaker for COVID-19 patients

Australia’s first ‘virtual hospital’ opens for coronavirus patients in New South Wales

A trial by a New South Wales university has allowed doctors to treat and monitor coronavirus patients from the comfort of their homes.Similar research is currently being undertaken across hospitals in Western Sydney.More: #Coronavirus #7NEWS

Posted by 7NEWS Sydney on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Australia’s first ‘virtual hospital’ for COVID-19 patients use Caretaker Medical wireless patient monitor for remote monitoring and reporting.

Bring the Hospital ER into the Home, Eliminating Surge Capacity.

Charlottesville, VA, April 6, 2020 – Caretaker Medical, the global leader in Remote Wireless Patient Monitoring, today announced the Caretaker 4 device is the technology supporting Australia’s first ‘virtual hospital’, and will be used to monitor COVID-19 patients in their homes, to help reduce the surge capacity on the Australian healthcare system.

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